The R120XXL complements the series of successful standard wheels. Using established technologies and components, Bussink Design has developed an advanced design that shows to be far more feasible from both a financial as well as a timing point of view. A proven design combined with an easy transport and on-site assembly guarantees a successful project from start to finish.

“I’m very proud that after more than 20 succesfull years of cooperation with the Breman family, we have come to a license agreement for our latest product - the R120XXL - the largest in series produced giant observation wheel. We have never seen Breman as a component supplier but as our product partner, making no compromises in their quality.”

Ronald A. Bussink

“It has always been a wish of our company to have our own product. Working together with Ronald Bussink for many years convinced us that we are dealing with the highest standards in the industry. Our visions on this product are a superb match.”

Breman Mega Wheels

Breman Mega Wheels